Nora Hapca


I am sitting in the train as I am writing these lines. First step towards a well-deserved short vacation.
I like travelling. It always brings with it the most different emotions, depending on the purpose of the journey. But some are always there: the curiosity, the excitement, the suspense, but also the nervousness and even a certain fear. More things than in normal day-to-day life are out of your control, and no need to say that no matter how early in advance and how thoroughly you packed, you still can’t shake off the feeling that you forgot something of the utmost importance.
I am trying to learn not to fight these feelings but to accept them as part of who I am. Things may go completely not as expected or as planned. But it’s most likely that nice things are going to happen and I am going to have a wonderful experience that might even bring me one step closer to myself.
Music-making is very much like a journey…