Stefan Hadjiev


How did it all start for me? When I started playing the cello I was only six, so it was not my own conscious decision to go into music. It was my parents who navigated me into that path in the beginning. During all these years there were some really hard moments for me, when I was really close to quitting cello and music, but for some reason there was something which didn’t let me. Something which helped me make my own conscious decision that I wanted to continue working hard and be a musician all my life. I wondered for a long time what was that “something” which didn’t let me quit. I guess it’s that feeling when you start working on a piece you have a particular connection with and you are full of ideas, enthusiasm and expectations about it, or maybe the excitement when you are just about to perform, or maybe the strange “trance”-like state of mind I find myself in during a performance. It could also be the communication, the energy, the contradiction, the passion, the collegiality during the work process when I’m in a chamber music or an orchestral situation. I really don’t know what was that “something” which didn’t let me quit all these years, but my good guess is that it has to be music itself, I mean the really good music :)

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