Open Rehearsals at the documenta-Halle

Come and join us for our rehearsals at the documenta-Halle Kassel next week!!
We would love to meet you and share with you our music-making and democratic decision-making process!
Free entrance, no booking necessary, just stop by!

Our schedule:

Monday, 1.12
16.00-19.15: orchestra

Tuesday, 2.12
10.00-12.00: chamber music
12.15-14.00: orchestra
16.30-18.30: orchestra
19:00-19:45: interpretation discussion (democratic orchestra meeting)

Wednesday, 3.12
9.30-11.00: chamber music
11.00-13.15: orchestra
16.00-18.30: orchestra
19:00-19:30: interpretation discussion (democratic orchestra meeting)

Thursday, 4.12
10.00-13.15: orchestra

All the rehearsals and discussions take place at the documenta-Halle, Friedrichsplatz.

For more information please contact:


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